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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Cake, Cakes and more Cake!

During the past two months I have been busy with the normal work related things...the joy of being a teacher and all that!   However, I have managed to bake a few different cakes for various events.  

Here are three...

My first cake was for a 70th Birthday... the brief...  chocolate cake with turquoise and red.  The chocolate cake itself is my 'go to' recipe from Nigella and it already on my blog.  For the frosting I decided to swap things around a little and make swiss style chocolate butter cream.  The chocolate walls are painted with white chocolate coloured with specialist chocolate colouring powder.  I made the truffles with a simple cherry flavouring and used the same chocolate drizzle effect.

The second cake I made was for a 5 year olds birthday... the brief...  pirate cake!  This one used a range of fondant icing to mould characters and other pieces, something I am not that good at, therefore I had friends to help me out!  The cake is a simple tray back vanilla butter cake covered in a vanilla butter cream icing and raspberry jam.  

We also made some cupcakes frosted with swiss butter cream flavoured with raspberry and iced to look like mini ice-creams.  

The final cake was for a 30(something) birthday... the brief...  Ferrero Rocher ... a GIANT one.  This cake took the most time to make and consisted of a ball of chocolate containing a hazelnut chocolate mousse sandwiched with a rich chocolate sponge cake.  Then the whole ball is coasted in molten chocolate mixed with hazelnuts.  

This cake could easily be turned in to a sheet cake and is something I may try in the future.