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Monday, 22 September 2014

I'm still here (again)

Apologies, September for me is 'start back to work' month and getting back in to the habit of working isn't easy when you have had six weeks off.  People say teachers are lucky to get all those holidays...and I would agree, we are lucky to get time off spread across the year, but we do work very hard when we are not on holiday and for me the six weeks holiday is a joy and a curse.  The first two weeks are like being on holiday, the next two are when I start to feel like I have nothing to do and the final two are the ones where you start to reprogram yourself to do other things.  Then its time to go back to work again and you simply don't want to.  All the other holidays are great and feel like a nice rest.  The summer is the one that always catches me out.

So, this month will be a quiet one on my blog.  I may get chance to bake something soon.  I have been invited to a coffee morning next Saturday so I will try and get something baked and posted before the month is out.

Anyway, off to work I must go...

Ps.  Mr Puck (from my previous post) is doing really well.  His only eye is starting to look normal again and hopefully his vision is getting better.  His missing eye looks perfect now the stitches have been removed.