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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Clementine Cake

This is a very summery cake.  Quick and easy to make, well easy to make, it does take 2 hours to simmer the oranges but thats hardly work.  This cake is made with ground almonds and if you use gluten free baking powder its totally gluten free.  Made with clementines this cake is dense yet light, sweet but tangy, perfect for afternoon coffee.

You could make the cake with lemons instead and add a little more sugar to compensate the sourness.  Or mix lemons and oranges to create a citrus style cake.  Everything is whizzed up in the processor and it takes about 1 hour to bake slowly in a medium heat oven.  It really is that easy and uses minimal ingredients.  

Served warmed from the oven is nice or cold from the fridge.  This cake actually gets better with age and will always stay moist.  You could say FAT FREE to, since it contains no fats, but actually I don't think this makes it healthy to eat since there is natural oils in the almonds, lots of eggs and plenty of sugar.

It takes about 3 large clementines to make this cake, don't stress too much about the weights although I do give them below.  When I placed three on the scales it went well over the recommended amount but don't worry, 100g over won't be the end of the world.  Of course, be sensible, don't use four clementines when three would do or you may end up with far too much mixture.

Clementine Cake

3 large clementines (about 350g)
225g caster sugar
250g ground almonds
6 large eggs
1 tsp baking powder (make sure its gluten free if thats important)

Place the clementines in a large pan and cover with cold water.  Bring to the boil and then reduce to a simmer for 2 hours.  Lid off.  Keep an eye on it but you won't have to stress too much.  I actually left it simmering when I went up to the shop to get some almonds.

Leave to cool, or until you can safely handle them.  Cut in half and check for pips, I had none but if you do remove them.  Place in a food processor, skin and all...and blend to a smooth paste.

Preheat the oven to 190C (170 fan) Grease and line a 8inch cake tin.

Tip in all the other ingredients and whizz up to a smooth batter.  It will be very liquid.


Pour in to the tin, if your lucky it will fill it up but not overflow.  Place the tin on a baking sheet as this makes it easier to remove from the oven and should it expand a little to much and overflow you won't mess up your oven.  

Bake for an hour.  Check after 40 minutes, if it looks like its browning to much reduce the oven temp to 180C (160C) and open the door for 30 seconds to reduce the temp.

When you remove this cake it will be puffed up and high, then it will sink...this is what you want.  It should not sink in the middle too much but it should flatten out to pretty much what it was like before you baked it.

Leave to cool in the tin, then remove.  I dusted with some icing sugar.