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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Ina's Potato Salad

Its been a while since I posted anything savoury.  In my last post I mentioned that I went to a day at the races and, in my  opinion, the main event wasn't a horse race but instead the picnic.  This potato salad is a recipe I have seen Ina Garten make a couple of times and since I own pretty much all her cookbooks I knew that I had to have it somewhere.  

I am not a massive fan of potato salad.  The thick gloopy stuff I have tried from supermarkets has always put me off.  Cold mushy potato and lots of mayo isn't really my thing.  This recipe however is so much better and once I made one batch for the picnic it wasn't long (two days later) I was boiling up another pan full of potatoes to make some more to keep in the fridge as my daily side to whatever I decide to put with it. 

The dressing is so good I even found myself pouring it over gem lettuce and adding a few baby tomatoes as a quick snack salad.

In the recipe Ina suggests buttermilk or white wine.  I have only ever used buttermilk but I guess the wine would add an extra dimension and is something I would try another time.

Ina's Potato Salad

1 bag of new potatoes (as many as you think you need)
240ml full fat mayo
60ml buttermilk (or white wine)
2 tbsp dijon mustard
2 tbsp whole grain mustard
60g fresh dill, chopped
2 sticks celery
1/2 small red onion

Place the potatoes in a pan and cover with cold water.  Add 1 tbsp sea salt.  Bring to the boil, then reduce to a simmer for 15 minutes.


Drain and place the potatoes back in the hot pan, cover with a clean tea towel and leave to steam for another 15 minutes - this is OFF the heat.

In a jug place the mayo, buttermilk, both mustards and dill.  Add 1 tsp pepper. Mix.


When the potatoes are cool enough to handle chop in half, and half again if necessary and place in a large bowl.

Pour over the dressing.  

Remove the strings from the celery with a peeler.  Dice into small pieces.  

Dice the red onion, a similar size to the celery.

Add both to the potato and mix carefully, try not to break them up too much.

Nice warm or cold from the fridge.