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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Ice Cream Cake Pops

My friend Kate and I were inspired by a post on 'Heavenly Cake Pops' to try and recreate their amazing ice cream cone cake pops.  We didn't have a fancy and expensive cake pop rolling machine so instead we had to roll ours by hand and we feel that next time we make them we can focus on perfecting them, but we were very happy with the outcome.   This is my first time making cake pops (Kate has made plenty before) and we really had fun making them.

It is important to note that the covering is not chocolate, or not chocolate as such, but instead 'Candy Melts'.  These are specialist melting candy that is designed to fully coat and quickly set on all types of cakes.  You treat them the same as chocolate but sometimes its necessary to add a little corn oil to loosen the mixture.  Candy Melts can be brought online or from specialist cake stores.  You may find them in some larger supermarkets but I am unsure of which ones. 

Cake pops are very quick and easy to make.  You could bake a cake or simply buy one.  We choose to buy cheap and cheerful jam rolls from the supermarket.  You are only going to mix them up anyway so there is no real need to spend too much time baking.  This is a great way of using up a cake that may have gone wrong.

Ice Cream Cake Pops
Makes around 17

You will need:

a pack of mini ice cream cones
3 large jam rolls
1 tub of chocolate frosting (I used Betty Crocker)
1 tub of vanilla frosting

1 pack of chocolate candy melts
1 pack of pink (vanilla) candy melts & 1 tsp corn oil

2 tubes of jelly beans
sprinkles for the top
2 packs of strawberry mintos (for the cherry on top)

Start by preparing the cones.  If you leave them as they are you will find that the cake pop is way to big.  So, using scissors, cut down to the halfway rim and then around to shorten the cone.

Now, make the first batch of cake pop mixture.  Place 2 jam rolls, chopped up, into a mixer and add the whole tub of chocolate frosting.  Mix until you have a thick paste.  Place in a bowl and store in the fridge.  You want this as cold as possible.

Repeat to make the vanilla version but this time place the final jam roll in the mixer and half a tub of vanilla frosting.  Mix again and transfer to a bowl and chill.



Place all the chocolate candy melts in a small pan and heat on low.  They will melt and become glossy.   As long as you keep the heat on low the melts will be fine to use for a few hours.


Remove the chocolate cake pop mix from the fridge.  Take a large walnut sized amount and roll in to a ball, flatten it slightly.  Weigh the cake pop, ours weighed 45grams.  This is your goal for all the others.

Roll out all your cake pops and if necessary, store in the fridge or even freezer.  They handle better when cold.

Dip the tops of the cones in the chocolate candy melts to coat the rim.  Then inside the cone place 10 candy beans.  Place one of the chocolate balls on top and leave aside to set.


The chocolate will set very quickly.

Now, remove the vanilla cake pop mix and roll out smaller balls.  Leave to one side (maybe storing in the freezer to chill)

When the chocolate pops have set its time to dip them in the remaining chocolate candy melts to coat the tops.  Be brave, tip and dunk, then place on a wire cooling tray.  

Before the chocolate has time to set, place on top one of  your smaller vanilla cake pops.

Leave aside to set.

It may be necessary to place the cooled cake pops in the freezer or fridge, you need to make sure the vanilla cakes have set or they may come off during the next stage.

Melt the pink candy melts in the same way, however this time add 1 tsp of corn oil.  This loosens the mix a little making it easier to coat.

When the cake pops have set, carefully dip the vanilla tops in the pink melts.  Place on a try and add sprinkles, top with a mento.  Repeat.

Leave to set.  You can store them in the fridge and remove an hour or so before serving.  Cake pops are rather filling to eat...these are double the size so will be very filling and sweet!  I am sure kids will love them, adults may need to take their time ;-)