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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Thailand - Foodie Post 3

A favourite resturnant on the island is Buffalo Bills Steak House.  Very expensive as most of the steaks are imported from Austrialla but simply one of the best steaks I have ever eaten.  The steak in the image is a 10oz fillet and it cost roughly £26.  It could have been cut with a blunt knife it was so perfectly tender.

Previously I have attempted the challange steak - 32oz monster that they will heat up for you if it starts to get too cold while your trying to eat it.  I have taken this challenge twice, the first time I ate the lot, including the two sides and all the sauce they served with it.  That day I was very hungry and although it was still a challenge I didn't find it that difficult at all.  The second time I attempted the challenge I failed... oh well, can't win them all!   

Visit most Seven-Elevens in Bangkok (seems to only be in Bangkok and the odd place in Singapore) and you can serve youself one of the best and cheapest drinks ever to cool you down in the hot hot heat.  CocaCola slush drink.  This drink is ice cold and the largest cup (the one in the image) is only 24Bht (or 45p).  You can get other flavours (strawberry is the one next door however its very artifical tasting and not very nice) and in Singapore I have seen apple and orange flavours.  The apple was also artifical in flavour.  Only coke seems to be a true version of the drink.

I have mentioned Pineapple Pie in my first post but failed to attach a photo.  Below is an image one of the best pies McDs sells.  I love pineapple and this pie is filled with sweet chunks coated in their special flakey pastry.  Be careful though as the filling is still very hot!

I also snapped another pie that McDs sell...but it does not appeal to me at all -  curry crab.  29bht is about 50p by the way.  I can't remember how much pies cost in the UK but I am sure they are more than 50 pence?