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Friday, 30 May 2014

Chocolate Mousse Torte

Well this is my first real blog post in a long time.  I feel like I have let my blog down a little by not posting as I usually did. Since getting back from Thailand I have had 4 (yes only 4) weeks of work, the shortest term ever, however also the busiest and most stressful.  Now its finally over and I am on half term I feel like I can start getting back to normal posts.  I do have a few things lined up for the coming month and actually did expect to have more produced this week but due to the poor weather I had to change my original plans and not bake what I intended.
This post is all about chocolate.  Chocolate mousse torte by Anna Olson is something I have seen her make on TV a couple of times and have thought about making it for a while.  It does have a lot of steps and I don't feel like it turned out as well as I hoped this time but I did learn a lot and feel more prepared the next time I make it.  

If you intend to make this recipe be prepared to take your time.  Making the base is quite quick but the mousse needs to set in the freeze for at least 4 hours  and the chocolate coating will need making, chilling, then heating again.  Then the whole thing needs to set in the fridge for a few hours.  I would recommend if you wanted to try this cake you should make it at least the day before you need it and then store in the fridge.  An hour or so before you wish to serve take it out the fridge and allow it to return to roomish temp.  I found the chocolate sponge a little tougher when cold and an hour or so out of the fridge helps soften them.

When I tried this torte I thought of the classic 90's dinner party frozen dessert that you deforest before serving - Sara Lee's Chocolate Cake.  The chocolate mousse is pretty much identical!!  It is very nice though and I will be making another one again.  

Oh, an important point to note is you actually make two sponge bases but only require one of the recipe.  They freeze perfectly and if you wanted to make another torte later in the month you are already halfway there or another suggestion would be to whip up some cream and add some crushed raspberries, the sandwich, very thickly the left over cake together.  Dust with cocoa and you would have some sort of raspberry chocolate sponge cake.

Finally, I have presented the ingredients using american cup measures, as the original recipe, if you require it in UK measures then search for the recipe online and FoodNetworkUK has the full recipe.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Thailand - Foodie Post 3

Thailand - Foodie Post 2

On arriving to Kuala Lumpur I checked in to the Madarin Oriental Hotel, this hotel is located in the very centre of KL next door to the Petronas Towers.  Unfortunately, perfect as the hotel was, my room did not overlook the towers.  After two very busy days sight seeing in Singapore it was great to finally relax in this luxary hotel and spend some time by the rooftop pool.  Dinner that even was at one of the Madarin's resturants.  Mosac is a buffet style resturant like no other I have been too.  The choice was amazing and nothing like the buffet style resturnants I have been to in England. 

The resturnant had 8 main areas consisting of Meats, Chinese, Indian, Cheese/Breads, Seafood, Japanese, Italian and Desserts (my fav).  

In the meat area you could help yourself to precook BBQ meats such as chicken and satay style kebabs.  The main section though was the raw meat that they cooked to request.  Fillet steaks, chicken and lamb chops where my favourite here and they cooked it perfectly.  You could also have duck, some seafood and also varous sasusages.  As Mayalsia is mostly muslim in religion they do not serve pork.  This counter also served various accomlements to the meat, corn on the cob, carrots and sauces.  I must have consumed 6 lamb chops, 2 steaks and about 5 satay chickens from the counter alone.