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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Deep Sea Diving Cake

Now I consider my self a baker, not sugar crafter.  As you can see from the photograph this is my first major attempt at one of those novelty cakes.  I did not make it alone though, my very good friend Kate helped created many of the items on the cake and she was my 'baking rock' throughout the whole process.  At times I did think why on Earth did I say I would make this cake?  

As you can see from the image this is an underwater deep sea diving cake made especially for the principle of my school who is due to retire at Easter.
I am a Governor at my school and it was decided as it was his final meeting before Easter to make it a special one and present him with a leaving present, card and cake.  It was another Governor who put the idea in my head to create a cake the one shown above.

Apologies, there is not step by step baking photos with this post.  Instead think of this post as a special one off where I simply mention the idea and where the recipes came from etc. we go...

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

I'm still here!

Many apologies...I have not posted anything for a while now.  My other job is keeping me very busy.  New post coming very soon and it will be an interesting one (or should that be... it may be a disaster one)

Check back soon!