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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have decided that its time to start back at the gym.  I did so well before the start of the summer holidays but now I feel like it was all for nothing.  I have turned in to one of those 'gym paying but not going' sort of people.  It seems that every time I visit my gym they have something new and this isn't because my gym is great at getting new things it is because I tend to take a 3 month break between workouts!   My plan of action (ummm, ok) is to get fit now and over Christmas ready for my trip to Thailand in April.  I tend to say this every year but this time I real need to stick to it.  Lets see how long this last for.

It is not my intention to transform this blog in to a collection of healthy recipes.  I will offer the odd healthy replacement but my solution to the problem of 'baking a cake and then eating it all to myself' is to give it all away.  The staffroom at work is a place where anything left on a table will get eaten, whether you want it to or not.  So, on to todays recipe.

I have tried many recipes for 'perfect' chocolate chip cookies and this seems to be the best by far.  This recipe comes direct from Nigella Kitchen and is my go to recipe for cookies.  With 300g of chocolate chips these cookies are both soft in the centre and crisp around the outside, each mouthful guaranteed to contain more than an ample amount of chips per bite.  These cookies are perfect for storing in the freezer, uncooked, shaped and ready to go.  Using an ice cream scoop you get a perfectly sized cookie each time and this mixture makes more than another to cook now and freeze for later.  You could cook them all now, or freeze them all for later, whatever way you decide these are truly perfect.

Chocolate Chip Cookies
by Nigella Lawson
Makes around 14 ice cream scoop sized cookies

150g soft unsalted butter, melted.
125g soft light brown sugar
100g caster sugar
2 tsp vanilla bean paste (or extract)
1 egg, fridge cold
1 egg yolk, fridge cold
300g plain flour
1/2 tsp bicarb
300g chocolate chips (3x100g bags)

Preheat the oven to 170c.  Line a baking sheet with greaseproof.

In a bowl of a stand mixer, fitted with paddle, add the sugars and melted butter.  Beat until well mixed.


Add the whole egg and additional yolk.  Add the vanilla.  Beat until light and creamy.


Slowly mix in the flour and bicarb, it should not take too long and you will end up with a thick mixture.

Add all the chocolate and mix again.  Don't over do it.


Using an ice cream scoop, put 6 cookies on the baking sheet (or sheets if your doing the lot in one go).  Make sure you leave space between them, they will spread a bit.

Bake for 17 minutes until the edges are golden and the tops light.

Allow to cool for 5 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool and crisp.


PS.  If you want to keep these I recommend scooping as normal but then placing in a freezer until solid, then transfer to a plastic bag and keep for up to 3 months.  Whenever a cookie craving calls simply heat oven to 170C and bake for 20 mins direct from frozen.