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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Go Get 'Em Smoothie

Quick post today...its a busy week!  Breakfast was never a big deal for me, when I was younger I never really bothered.  It wasn't that I could not have breakfast, it was just that I wasn't hungry in the morning.  Since growing up though I often find that missing breakfast results in hunger pains by lunch.  I now make every effort to eat something before heading out for work.  Normally its a bowl of something with milk, or crumpets with butter, or even porridge with Nutella spread mixed in.  Some days however I am in such a rush I don't get chance to eat anything and normally turn to my favourite breakfast smoothie by Nigella Lawson.

Go Get 'Em contains everything to set you up for the morning and more importantly they are ingredients you can keep in all the time.   I always have a bag of chopped up bananas in the freezer - saves on using ice!  Nigella uses instant espresso powder but you won't find that in my house, especially since I have my trusty Gaggia bean to cup.  If possible, reduce the speed of you blender after the first initial whizz, a slower speed will result in a smoother mix as large lumps tend to avoid the blades at full speed.

Quick and easy to make this smoothie does not really taste much of banana, instead think malteasers.  

Go Get 'Em Smoothie
by Nigella Lawson (changed a little by me)

150ml cold milk
1 banana, frozen in four pieces
4 tsps ovaltine
2 tsp cocoa
1 tbsp honey
a shot of espresso (Nigella uses instant espresso powder, 1 tsp full)

Place all ingredients into a blender and whiz to mix.

If possible, reduce the speed of your blender half way through, this will make sure no lumps are missed!

Pour in to a glass - will be just enough to fill to the top.