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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Eggs Benedict

Sunday starts rather late for me.  I hate to admit it but I often don't get out of bed till way past 10am.  My weekend routine normally involves fresh coffee, morning TV and catching up on the weeks news on my iPad while thinking about what to do for the day.  Midweek breakfast usually consists of something in a bowl with milk, coffee, followed by another coffee when I get to work.  At the weekends I can spend more time doing what I love - cooking.   

Eggs Benedict is a recipe I first tired Christmas morning.  I wanted to test out my newest gadget straight away and one of the first things I thought of  was warm hollandaise sauce poured over softly poached eggs.  Replacing the normal muffin with more fancy and softer brioche and serving it with salty thick cut smoked bacon makes this a perfect breakfast/brunch dish.  

Making hollandaise can be complicated and if not careful you can end up with buttery scrambled eggs.   I came across Delia Smith's blender version when hunting through my collection of books for a recipe.  Delia recommends using a blender or food processor (I have tired both with the blender being the better option).   This is pretty much fool proof and has worked every time.  My recipe below makes enough for two people - double the amount if you like for four (2 eggs yolks).  The only issue you may have is keeping the sauce warm while you prepare everything else.  It is so quick to make I would leave it until you have cooked the bacon.

I cook my bacon in the oven, its easier and allows time to get on with other things.  Keep an eye on the brioche as it browns very quickly while it toasts due to the high butter content.    This is a very rich breakfast and isn't something you want everyday.  Butter sauce, eggs, brioche and salty bacon is the most perfect combination.  If your a veggie simply replace the bacon with asparagus.  Served Christmas morning or any morning this is a real treat.

Eggs Benedict 
serves 2 people

For the hollandaise sauce
1 egg yolk
1/2 tbsp fresh lemon juice
1/2 tbsp white wine vinegar
65g unsalted butter
salt & pepper to taste

The rest
4 thick cut smoked bacon rashes
4 large eggs (fresher the better)
Large brioche loaf

Start by placing the bacon on a roasting sheet and cooking in a hot (220C fan) oven for 12 mins.  Keep an eye on it towards the end of the cooking time,  if  you like it crispy simply add an extra 5 mins.

While the bacon is cooking slice four thick pieces of brioche.  Set aside for later.

Poach the eggs however you like - I use a poacher as its easier and I like the dome effect you get.  Don't over cook them.  If you have a poacher like mine I cooked them on medium for 5 mins.


To make the hollandaise, put the egg yolk in a blender with salt and pepper.  Blend for 30 seconds on high.  


Heat the lemon juice and vinegar until steaming (use a small pan).  Turn on blender and pour slowly through the top.  My blender has a small hole in the clear stopper to allow slow pouring.  Turn off blender once you have added all the hot liquid.


Put the butter in the pan and melt until sizzling - Don't let it brown.  

Take bacon out the oven - it should be done by now.  Set brioche to toast.

With the blender on high slowly pour in the melted butter - a constant dribble.  When all the butter is added stop the blender.

Arrange the toasted brioche on a plate, top with bacon, top with two eggs.

Blend the hollandaise for 30 seconds before pouring over the eggs.

Serve straight away.