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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

“il mio molto gustosa pizza”

The title, if google translate worked, simply means my very tasty pizza.  Now I am not saying that this is the perfect pizza, nor the most authentic, but it works for me and since I am the one eating it that’s all that matters.   Do you need a pizza stone?  I would say yes, it does make a difference and I picked up mine for little over £10 last Christmas in a sale.  With or without the stone you need to make sure you oven is very hot, full whack if you dare, the pizza cooks in 10 to 15 minutes so it really is a fast food.

I used 00 Italian plain flour for an authentic feel, you might struggle to find it in supermarkets (I tried two well known ‘posh’ ones) and in the end I went an Italian restaurant that also had a small deli attached.  Its not expensive to buy and can be used for pasta and cakes so you wont waste it.  You could substitute it for 180g of plain flour but I would really encourage the trip for the real stuff.  

Rolling out the pizza on polenta (cornmeal) keeps the base crisp and unlike flour it does not burn in the very hot heat of the oven.  If you enjoy a crust on pizza you could sprinkle the polenta around the edge just before you cook it.  I like more topping than crust so tend to spread the tomato mixture right to the edge leaving only a very small crust that often ends up left on the plate like little half moons.

There is nothing stopping you buying a premade pizza base, topping it with tomato paste and throwing on some cheese and other toppings or simply picking up the phone and ordering (something I am not ashamed of doing).  But I suggest giving this a go, just once, try it, after the initial kneading and proving it’s actually very easy and quick.  I used all my gadgets in making this; you don’t have too, its just quicker and more fun if you do.